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2014 SES Seminar Schedule
Coffee Time at 3:15 pm. All seminars are at 3:45 pm in Mendenhall Laboratory Room 100 unless otherwise noted.
Date Speaker Title
  2015-01-29 Salim Ok
SES, Ohio State
Hosted by
NMR Spectroscopy Applications in Geology
  2015-02-12 Steven Lower
SES, Ohio State
Hosted by
The Hammer and The Stethoscope: Using the Tools of Geology's Founding Fathers to Study Polymathic Problems in Medicine
  2015-02-19 Jay Zarnetske
Michigan State University
Hosted by Audrey Sawyer
Going with the Flow: Revealing How Hidden Watershed Ecotones and River Flows Control Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics
  2015-02-26 Valentina Barletta
Denmark Technical University
Hosted by Terry Wilson
  2015-03-12 Larry Benson
USGS- Emeritus
Hosted by Berry Lyons
Co-sponsored by Dept. of Anthropology
Geochemistry and Dating of North America's Oldest Petroglyphs
  2015-03-26 Laura Wasylenki
Indiana University
Hosted by Matt Saltzman/ Berry Lyons
Why Rivers and Oceans are Enriched in Heavy Ni Isotopes, and How it Sheds Light on The Great Oxidation Event
  2015-04-09 Terry Plank
Columbia University
Hosted by Anne Carey
Shell Distinguished Women in Science Lecture

In Mendenhall 100

  2015-04-16 Peter Wagner
Smithsonian Institution
Hosted by Bill Ausich
  2015-04-23 Ann Cook
SES, Ohio State
Hosted by