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Minoring in Earth Sciences

Earth sciences concern the Earth's entire physical makeup and the history of the physical and biological events that occurred within and upon it over the past four and a half billion years. Earth scientists are curious about the whole Earth, from its ancient past to its present and future.

Students with majors in other areas may find that a minor in Earth Sciences provides sufficient background for employment in the geosciences or in geoscience-related positions in such areas as the petroleum and mining industries, the environmental field, etc.

The School of Earth Sciences offers minor programs with emphasis in several different areas. The minor program requires a coherent program of 13-14 hours of course work in geology, in addition to two prerequisite courses.

Minor in Earth Sciences

BS Program Requirements (814k .pdf)

More detailed information on specific minor tracks is available from the School of Earth Sciences (275 Mendenhall Lab), or the College of Arts and Sciences (Denney Hall 164).

Minor programs that represent variations from one of the specific minor tracks may be approved by the coordinating advisor (Dr. Anne Carey) in the School of Earth Sciences.