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Majoring in Earth Sciences

The School of Earth Sciences (SES) at The Ohio State University offers two undergraduate degree programs, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The B.A. Program is a broad geological program with optional physics. The B.S. Program is designed for students planning for employment in earth sciences or considering graduate school and a professional career in the earth sciences. The B.S. program requires comprehensive preparation in basic science and mathematics, with 4 tracks: Geological Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Geophysics, and Petroleum Geology & Geophysics. Two tracks require courses in field geology offered in Utah during the Summer Semester.

A student who declares Earth Science as a major in either program should see the Department Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Dr. Karen Royce, Room 318 Mendenhall, for advice and counsel as soon as possible. After discussing previous training, academic standing and career objectives, a comprehensive course schedule will be planned for completion of University, College, and SES Degree requirements. This schedule will include choosing at an appropriate time a senior thesis project, a thesis advisor from the School of Earth Sciences faculty, enrollment in Individual Studies during thesis preparation, and completion of the Major Program Form prior to graduation. Students who want to discuss career opportunities in the earth sciences, and the relative merits of the B.S. Programs, and individual educational goals, should make an appointment with Dr. Karen Royce, 318 Mendenhall Laboratory at (614) 292-6961 or

Bachelor of Arts Program

BA Program Requirements (740k .pdf)

Bachelor of Science Program

BS Program Requirements (836k .pdf)