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Orton Hall bell tower as seen from Mirror Lake
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Orton Geological Museum

Orton Geological Museum

The Orton Geological Museum is located in historic Orton Hall on the Main Campus of The Ohio State University. Completed in 1893, both the building and the museum are named for Edward Orton Senior, the first president of the university. Current exhibits feature the geologic history of Ohio plus fossils and minerals from all over the world. Among the exhibits are actual mammoth and mastodon teeth, a full-sized replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull, a fluorescent mineral booth and meteorites. The centerpiece of the exhibit hall is the mounted skeleton of a giant ground sloth, one of four found in the state.

The Museum Store has models, minerals, fossils, books, posters, and many dinosaur items for sale. Museum hours are 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday, but special arrangements can be made to have the Museum open at other hours. Services include guided tours of the exhibit hall for schools and other groups, talks on geological subjects, and the identification of rocks, minerals, fossils and bones (but not artifacts). There is no fee for admission to the Museum or for any of our services. For more information or to schedule a talk or tour call (614) 292-6896 or contact the museum's curator Dale Gnidovec.